Why Choose Korean Skin Care?

Laneige White Dew Sherbet Cream 50ml

Let’s talk about the beauty of Korean Skin Care today.

Marie Claire dubbed Korea the new skincare superpower, calling them about 12 years ahead of skincare innovation globally. 

Sky High Beauty Standard

This is the results from the high beauty standards in Korea. If you have ever visited Korea, you will have noticed that almost all of them have flawless, ridiculously good skin. Korean women have sky high standards when it comes to beauty! You might have already heard of the 10-step skincare routine Korean women perform everyday.

Highly competitive and Innovative

The demand for the best skincare products have led to a very competitive beauty industry, where each brand strives to innovate to get a part of the market share. As a result, you get high performance products at reasonable price. From BB creams to CC creams to snail mucin to bee venom, they always come out with interesting technology and ingredients!

Gentle Formulas

As compared to western skincare products, Korean Skin Care products tend to have more gentle formulas and focus on treating the skin inside out. You do not have to worry about putting harsh chemicals on your precious skin.


To be honest, we feel that it might be a bit stressful to be a woman in Korea. The good thing is, you can enjoy the high quality products in your own country and leave the stressful part out!

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