IOPE Pro Peeling Moisture Essence 100ml

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A moist peeling serum with a soft, milky texture and a fast, lightweight absorption that cleans up dead skin cells as your sleep through the night.

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IOPE Pro Peeling Moisture Essence

If you experience rough skin, why not try IOPE Pro Peeling Moisture Essence? It is a mild, night-time peeling serum with 3 different acids that work gently for daily effective exfoliation. We all know the importance of exfoliation!

Nighttime peeling serum

Meticulously improves firmness to achieve tight, youthful skin!

Double Moisture Peeling™

The dual effects from the soluble AHA contained in the entire Pro Peeling line and the moist suitable moisturizing components in each product help achieve a softer, moist finish.

Sugar Maple

AHA containing plant derived sugar maple extracts offers gentle peeling for the skin.

4-Free formula

A reliable daily peeling serum that is free of artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, mineral oils, and triethanolamine.

How to Use

After cleansing your face and applying toner in the evening, pump the product 2-3 times and spread evenly over your entire face, avoiding the eyes and lip area, and let absorb.

When dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of your skin, use a cotton pad to remove, tap, and absorb them to create smoother, more translucent skin.

IOPE Pro Peeling Moisture Essence 100ml


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