Hera Homme Leports Sun Cream Spf 50+/Pa+++ 50ml


UV protectant for leisure and sports providing effective UV protection and non-sticky, refreshing finish with high SPF

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Hera Homme Leports Sun Cream

It is a high-SPF sun cream with waterproof formula resistant to water and sweat, perfect for leports.

  1. Formulated with Powder Emulsion technology, it instantly bursts into moisture as it applied to the skin and provides moisture.
  2. Sebum-absorbing powder effectively controls the level of sebum production to keep the skin feeling soft and fresh.


  • Take an adequate amount on the back of your hand after using basic skincare products.
  • Gently apply onto your face from the forehead, nose, both cheeks and chin working from the inside outward using your fingertips.
  • Take an adequate amount once again and apply to the neck from bottom to top.


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