Hera Aquabolic Refreshing Water 150ml


Refreshing toner effectively tides up skin texture with refreshing moisture. Suitable for Oily/Combination skin types.

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Moisturizing toner providing fresh moisture and soothing sensation for the skin

It is a liquid-type moisturizing toner that instantly moisturizes and soothes the skin and, at the same time, balances the level of moisture in the skin.

Biomineral for health of the skin

Four biominerals essential for the skin (Mg, Cu, Ca and Zn) pamper the skin, so that it can retain moisture for a long time and stay healthy.

Purification for smooth, clear skin feeling refreshed

It moisturizes the skin and, at the same time, purifies it to keep it smooth, clear and feeling refreshed.


  • Take an adequate amount after washing the face in the morning and at night, and apply all over the face.
  • To get a smoother skin texture, soak a cotton pad in the toner and gently pat it against the face.
  • Use: 0.5ml (diameter: 2cm)


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